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Emotional Clarity Workshop/Class

Emotional Clarity Workshop/Class

Have you ever thought that something was missing in your life? Maybe the set of instructions?

If so, you are in the right place at the right time.

Virtually everyone who has experienced the Emotional Clarity Workshop or Class believes that they have found the missing piece to their set of personal instructions. That's interesting because some people come to the Workshop with little or no experience in personal growth while others have done everything there is to do.

So why do they feel that the Emotional Clarity Workshop is a vital part of their next step in life?

the Emotional Clarity Curriculum supports participants to follow their own inner guidance. It works for people at any level in their spiritual evolution. As a result, participants feel emotionally safe and in control to uncover insights and information that supports them to move forward ion the Clarity Process.

The curriculum is really a scaffolding or set of tools that unlocks hidden beliefs that otherwise stand in the way of inner peace and emotional confidence. There is no dogma or "must do's" . . . just easy-to-remember tools that you can use immediately during emotionally challenging situations.

Many of you who are reading these words already know WHAT to do. You've read books, possibly gone to workshops, attended lectures or at least listened to motivational tapes. Even watching Oprah supports you to know what to do. So, why do you need another program? Because Emotional Clarity is different . . . You receive inspiration and support and you'll also gain the tools to do what you know to do.

Workshop/Class Overview

The Emotional Clarity Level One and Level Two Workshops® and Classes provide practical tools and skills that you can use immediately to stay on course for your life. Each lesson consists of curriculum reviews, two person dialogues, group experiential exercises, guided imageries and other processes presented in the context of an emotionally and spiritually nurturing environment.

The Emotional Clarity Workshops/Classes are designed for a group of eight to sixteen people. This design assures personal attention to each participant and support for their unique process. In addition, you'll have two, 200 page Emotional Clarity Manuals -- one for each level - to record as many notes as you'd like. These Manuals are a personal resource that will last you a lifetime

In each Emotional Clarity Workshop/Class you'll receive important information in clear, concise language. Each lesson supports you to be free of past habits and outdated beliefs. This powerful experience supports your mind to feel safe and excited about the prospects of letting go of old ideas. 



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In the Emotional Clarity Workshop, you'll learn skills and tools to . . .

Session 1 

Conscious Journey
Awaken to the power, value and importance of your emotions 

Session 2   

Clearing the Past 
Revitalize your energy with the three stages of Personal Clarity

Session 3     

Deeper Levels of Truth
Improve relationships when you see more than "your own" truth

Session 4 Self-Acceptance 
Stay calm, centered and clear in the midst of chaos using the Two Minute Commitment 

Session 5 

Relieve self-doubt and increase self-confidence as you defuse hidden LifeScripts

Session 6 

Triggered Events 
Stop power struggles before they start

Session 7    

Making Peace with Emotions 
Make inner-peace a daily reality for yourself as you connect with your soul-self

Session 8 

Unconditional Self-Trust
Learn how mindfulness is the key to self-trust and love 


A Journey of Interfaith and Interspirituality In a Changing World


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