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Emotional Clarity Manual

For the last ten years, the Level One and Level Two Emotional Clarity Manuals have only been available to participants of the Emotional Clarity Workshop® and Home Learning System. Now you can have your own copy to read at your leisure, work through the exercises and be inspired by the message.

Purchasing the manual also gives you the option to preview the Emotional Clarity Process in the comfort of your own home or office at an economical price.

This 200 page resource contains the core message of the next important development in the field of personal growth - How to Apply Spirituality through Emotional Clarity® to daily life.

Thought-provoking insights, self-reflective exercises and practical easy-to-use tools are guaranteed to inspire you to new levels of self-trust, self-acceptance and deepen your Spiritual awareness.

Clarity Manual #1Here is what you'll receive:

  • Level One Emotional Clarity Manual ®
  • One, 30 Minute telephone orientation conference call1

    1Telephone long distance charges not included
To order your Emotional Clarity Manual
Total Cost, Level One - $95
Total Cost, Level Two - $95
Both Levels - $150

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Emotional Clarity Institute Manuals


Emotional Clarity is:

"The ability to respond to the present in trust,

free from the ineffective influence of the past."



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