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 Emotional Clarity Home Learning System

Emotional Clarity Institute

Your life
will be touched by the
Emotional Clarity
Home Learning System.

For many people, the desire to learn more about their emotional dynamics is strong, however, they feel more comfortable studying the material in the comfort of their home or office. For others, their busy schedule might make it inconvenient to travel to a local workshop. If this sounds like you, then the Emotional Clarity Home Learning System is your perfect answer.

You'll receive all six components of learning system to guide you through each lesson of the Emotional Clarity process. Here is what you will receive . . .

  • One, Level One Emotional Clarity ManualŪ

  • One, 30 Minute telephone orientation conference call1

  • Four, 1-hour telephone or in person coachings1

  • One Clarity Today - 40 Inspirational Messages

    1Telephone long distance charges are not included
    , personal coaching time is at Terry Weller's office in Kettleby, Ontario.

Added Bonus . . .

  • Completion Certificate (Suitable for Framing) 


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Home Learning System

Total Cost $295
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More information about
the Home Learning System

Have you ever thought that something was missing in your life?   Maybe the set of instructions?

If so, you are in the right place at the right time.

Virtually everyone who has experienced the Emotional Clarity Workshop believes that they have found the missing piece to their set of personal instructions. That's interesting because some people come to the Workshop with little or no experience in personal growth while others have done everything there is to do.

So why do they feel that the Emotional Clarity Workshop is a vital part of their next step in life?

BECAUSE . . . the Emotional Clarity Curriculum supports participants to follow their own inner guidance it works for people at any level in their spiritual evolution. As a result, participants feel emotionally safe and in control to uncover insights and information that supports them to move forward ion the Clarity Process.

The curriculum is really a scaffolding or set of tools that unlocks hidden beliefs that otherwise stand in the way of inner peace and emotional confidence. There is no dogma or "must do's" . . . just easy-to-remember tools that you can use immediately during emotionally challenging situations.

In each Emotional Clarity Workshop you'll receive important information in clear, concise language. Each lesson supports you to be free of past habits and outdated beliefs. This powerful experience supports your mind to feel safe and excited about the prospects of letting go of old ideas.

Many of you who are reading these words already know WHAT to do. You've read books, possibly gone to workshops, attended lectures or at least listened to motivational tapes. Even watching Oprah supports you to know what to do. So, why do you need another program? Because Emotional Clarity is different . . . You receive inspiration and support and you'll also gain the tools to do what you know to do.

This workshop is an opportunity to gain the skills to navigate the choices that are available in this complex world.

Take heart . . . we all experience obstacles that can result in thoughts and feelings that take us off track. Making time for the Emotional Clarity Workshop is a gift that only you can give yourself . . . it will give you the tools to assure that you'll always stay on track.


Home Study Programs for Emotional Clarity

Emotional Clarity is:

"The ability to respond to the present in trust,

free from the ineffective influence of the past."



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