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 Overview of the Emotional Clarity Process

Emotional Clarity Institute


Overview of the
Emotional Clarity Process


By: Rev. Terry Weller

Facilitator & Facilitator Trainer Emotional Clarity Canada


 Emotional Clarity was developed by Dr. Stevhan Caldwell, cofounder and Director of the International Clarity Institute, California. Together with  his life partner and wife, Rev. Cailen Richardsen They developed an extraordinary emotion-education program called the Emotional Clarity ProcessŪ. This unique educational experience is available as a Workshop series, Home Learning System and individual manuals.

For the experienced spiritual seeker, the Emotional Clarity ProcessŪ brings a quantum leap and deepens your journey by providing you with the missing piece to implement everything you already know. For the spiritual newcomer, you'll gain a solid foundation that will alter how you experience yourself and your life.

For the last 30 years of Stevhan's life he committed his energy and resources to investigate and ultimately understand what holds people back from trusting themselves and the process of their lives. This is the gift and legacy he gave the world when he died in the summer of 2002. 

In the months before Stevhen's death we had shared much in terms of how Emotional Clarity could be brought to Canada. These conversations were completed later by his wife Caelen, a native of Canada. She was pleased and hopeful that I would be able to carry the Clarity torch to the land of her birth.

We are now able to bring the gift to those in the York Region and Toronto areas and extend to other parts of Canada as spirit leads. And what is the gift? Simply: Emotional Clarity gives us the ability to truly live and trust in the present moment - the essence of true spirituality.

Why Emotional Clarity?

Every lesson of the Emotional Clarity Curriculum is designed to inspire, deepen, encourage and awaken your spirit to new levels of emotional confidence and spiritual awareness. In the Emotional Clarity Workshop, Home Learning System or in the Emotional Clarity Manual, you'll learn techniques to apply powerful tools that will transform your daily life. The Emotional Clarity process works because it supports your mind to feel safe. Once your mind is satisfied that the tools are practical, then you can emotionally defuse your old, outdated habits, beliefs and judgments. Your real payoff, however, comes with your experience of a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your life - the ability to touch a deeper self that exists beyond the mind and behind the heart.

As a result of implementing the Emotional Clarity Process in your life you will . . .

  • experience greater levels of inner wisdom and fulfillment

  • know the true meaning of peace of mind

  • value your emotional and spiritual clarity

  • honor the relationship that you have with yourself

  • treat yourself and others with trust, honesty and respect

If you feel that something is missing in your life or you have a relationship that causes you emotional pain, then you owe it to yourself and your family to take the steps necessary to learn new skills that will end your frustration and disappointments. Emotional Clarity might be your answer.

If Emotional Clarity appears to be your next step, check out an Emotional Clarity Workshop near you or enroll in the Emotional Clarity Home Learning System or preview the Emotional Clarity Manual today.


We are delighted that you have visited Emotional Clarity Canada authorized provider of Emotional Clarity training and education. We hope this site provides you with valuable information that you can use immediately to take another step in your spiritual (non-religious) awakening. 

We at Clarity Canada wish you peace, clarity and prosperity on your journey. 


Rev. Terry Weller ICADC, A.D.S., M.S.C.

Interfaith Minister

Spiritual Counsellor

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Emotional Clarity is:

"The ability to respond to the present in trust,

free from the ineffective influence of the past."





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