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Acupuncture (Auricular) for healing compulsions and detoxing

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Reframing Your Vision

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Interfaith Spiritual Counselling - When you simply need to regain your focus and direction

Marriage & Relationship Counselling - for couples seeking new beginnings

Addictions & other Attachments - overcoming the barriers which hold you back

Emotional Clarity making peace with your emotions and bringing joy to your relationships.



Interfaith Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling allows clients to explore their own spiritual beliefs. I meet the person where they are 

and assist them to clarify and work through their own spiritual process. 

It is also a process whereby individuals resolve life situations and problems within their own belief system.

It is not necessary for the client to belong to an organized religious group.

As a trained Interfaith Minister of Spiritual Counselling 

I am able to work with individuals within their own 

belief system.


Emotional Clarity

"Learning to live fully in the present

free from the negative influences of the past."

Lessons in private one on one or in a group - this is a program of making peace with your emotions and bringing joy to your relationships. Individual Sessions in person and long distance, weekend programs and 6 day intensives. Clarity is a Practical 


Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Relationships are the ultimate testing ground 

for our spiritual path. 

Our work consists on examining our individual needs, expectations and aspirations; learning communication skills; Exploring our addictive issues regarding alcohol and other drugs as well as other attachments we have learned to use as escapes from the reality of our lives.

A healthy relationship is based on the strength of two independent individuals working co-operatively within a mutually agreed upon partnership.


Addictions and other Attachments


Acupuncture (Auricular)

for healing compulsions and detoxing


- Counselling

- Assessment 

- Auricular Acupuncture to assist in Detox

- Life Skills

- Relaxation and Stress Reduction

- 12 Step programming (generic)

- Rational Emotive Therapy

- Emotional clarity

- Smoking Cessation Program

- Family Recovery


Past Addictions experience has been in assessment and counselling with a community Ministry of Health program; Juvenile, Provincial and Federal Corrections; Employee Assistance Programming and private practice.  



I have completed Acupuncture Detox training at LINCOLN RECOVERY CENTRE in New York and continue training there. Qualified member of NADA


A Journey of Interfaith and Interspirituality In a Changing World

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