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Acupuncture (Auricular) for healing compulsions and detoxing

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Breaking through 

Our Negative Attachments


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- Education - Addictions Services  - Acupuncture (Auricular) - Personal Growth 

- Spiritual Guidance


Addiction:  Being repetitively drawn to: an action, person, object, chemical, or behaviour in a manner beyond our willpower, despite negative results to one or more aspects of our personal lives: 

mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually; and/or damage to our relationships, family, employment, finances, artistic endeavours, hobbies or social supports.


Member: Canadian Addictions Counsellors Certification Federation



Addictions and other Attachments


for assisting anxiety, compulsions and detoxing


- Counselling

- Assessment 

- Auricular Acupuncture to assist in Detox

- Life Skills

- Relaxation and Stress Reduction

- 12 Step programming (generic)

- Rational Emotive Therapy

- Emotional clarity

- Smoking Cessation Program

- Family Recovery


Clean & Sober 

but still Struggling?


Emotional Clarity

"Learning to live fully in the present

free from the negative influences of the past."

Lessons in private one on one or in a group - this is a program of making peace with your emotions and bringing joy to your relationships.

Compatible with 12 Step Programming



A Journey of Interfaith and Interspirituality In a Changing World

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